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Pets Safety Nets

Pets Safety Nets In Bangalore are a practical and effective way to keep cats away from windows and balconies. Cat nets have the benefit of offering good transparency while serving as a barrier because of their discrete design.

Your cat’s safety is a particular concern. Your pet’s ability to securely play outside depends on the safety a cat safety net on the balcony provides. We offer our cat safety netting for balconies for a reasonable price per square metre. This adaptable cat safety measure can be used at numerous locations across your home or apartment. In addition to using it on the balcony, you can also put a window net for your cat or build a terrace net to shield your animal from traffic and road risks.

Pets Safety Nets In Bangalore are a preventative step to safeguard your pets from falling while allowing them to wander around freely and safely outside, preventing the test of a cat’s nine lives from going too far. On the other hand, cat nets can shield your yard or your kids’ sandbox from being contaminated by stray cat waste.

The weatherproof, UV-resistant polypropylene fabrics used to make the cat safety nets from We have a material thickness of 1.5 mm and a mesh size of 30 mm. These characteristics guarantee that the net will not fall apart even after 40 years, in spite of attacks from stray and indoor cats. Even in the case of young animals and smaller breeds, the cat net is impenetrable to cats and remains resistant for many years. Its benefit over other balcony nets is that the installation’s high level of protection doesn’t obstruct the view. You won’t even see the balcony net if you don’t keep looking at the meshes! You and your cats can, of course, now take in the view via the window net.

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